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Rewards Point Enquiry / Redemption
  Credit Cards : Rewards Point Enquiry/Redemption

Your Reward Points
  Accumulated Point as of Today Expiry Date
31/12/2007  00/00/0000  00/00/0000 
TOTAL 51004 10188 0 0
Gift Info
Product Code :  (e.g. 1101 or 2101)  View Rewards Catalogue
Product Name :
Quantity : Enrich No :
  For redemption product code 9901 MAS Enrich Frequent Flyer Program
Credit Card No :
  For redemption product code 9801 - 9808 Annual Fee Waiver (except for product code W908)
Redemption Method Info
Redemption Full (Points) Redemption Partial (RM) (Points)
Gift Redemption Summary
Product Code Product Name Enrich No /
Credit Card No
Qty Total Points Total (RM)
  Accumulated Point as of Today Full (Points) Partial Balance (Points)
(RM) (Points)
TOTAL 51004 0 0 0 51004