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Credit Card Account Details
  Account Overview : Account Summary

Account Details As At : 27-Jan-2007 Time : 13:25:08
Credit Card Type : HLCR VISA Gold  
Credit Card Number : 4293-2000-0002-1109  
Card Expiry Date : 01-Dec-2002  
Combined Credit Limit : 1,200.00  
Combined Available Limit : 116,062.00  
Last Payment Date : 25-Jan-2007  
Last Payment Amount : -1.19  
Outstanding Balance : -9,890.28  
Statement Date Balance on Last Statement (RM) Minimum Payment Statement Balance Due Date
11-Nov-2004 -9,891.47 -9,516.66 01-Dec-2004
  • View Statemented Transaction button allows you to view your last 6 months transactions in your credit card statement.
  • View Recent Transaction button allows you to view transactions that have been posted but not listed in a statement yet.